Online Peer Mediation- Useful Links

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JAMS Foundation

Virtual Mediation Lab

Mediator Mentors at Fresno State

Conflict Resolution Education

Western Justice Center

Asian Pacific Alternative Dispute Resolution Center, Los Angeles CA

National Association of Peer Program Professionals

Campus Conflict Resources: Dr. Bill Warters

Association for Conflict Resolution

Brav Conflict Management

Peace Praxis

Restorative School Mediation

Ondine Gross

SEE Learning

Peace Peddlers

Peace Alliance

River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

Peer Mediation Network

CRC Global

Kids Managing Conflict

School Mediation Associates

How do I start a Peer Mediation Program at my School?

Impact of Peer Mediation on School and Home Conflicts

A Review of the Need for Peer Mediation in U.S. Schools

Peer Mediation Role Plays

Free Peer Mediation Curriculum

Overcoming Obstacles